AccessibilityFixer becomes Assist

Jun 18, 2021 | Press releases

Our ambition to stay the leading supplier of tools that ensure web accessibility in digital documents has led us to change the name of our central tool for web accessibility. After little more than two years on the market, AccessibilityFixer for Microsoft Office and 365 has enabled hundreds of public and private organisations in Europe to create accessible documents in an easy and intuitive manner.

The interest in assistive technology and in the tool that makes following web accessibility guidelines easy and intuitive has grown sharply in just a short time. And today we are proud to reveal the new name for our accessibility tool: Assist.

The new name underscores our ambition to make web accessibility easy to introduce, implement and maintain for all – with no in-depth training or education required.

Assist is one of our core tools, and we work continuously to stay abreast of technology and develop our tools in order to remain a market leader in web accessibility in documents. In addition to its new name, Assist now has a completely new interface and a whole series of new functions and auxiliary tools.

”The development of Assist has greatly benefited our customers – both in Denmark and internationally. We have endeavoured to live up to users’ needs, and we continue to develop Assist to make it as intuitive as possible, to create a more web accessible future for all.”

– Lars Hintze Andersen, CEO, Partner, Dania Software

Read more about Assist and web accessibility.

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