dania software and Formpipe makes swedish councils more effective

May 16, 2019 | Press releases

Collaboration between dania software and Formpipe makes Swedish councils more effective

DENMARK, MAY 2019 – dania software a/s is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Swedish Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, Formpipe Software AB.

Formpipe is the market leading supplier of ECM solutions in Sweden. Formpipe’s product portfolio is tailored to the public sector, delivering ground breaking EDRM-systems such as Platina and W3D3.

dania software’s dynamictemplate acts as the final layer in a customer’s digitalisation process; binding EDRM-systems into the sector’s most-used software solution: Microsoft Office. dynamictemplate is used by 250,000 satisfied users, minimising cost and saving employees valuable time.

With dynamictemplate, Formpipe’s Swedish customers will experience a thorough systematisation and streamlining of their work processes via the automatic management of standard content and layout – why use 800 templates when 5 will do the job?

“With this new strategic partnership in Sweden we will be able to draw new benefits from our already strong relationship with Formpipe. Together we will lift each other up, and we have no doubt that this will create great value for our customers!”
Lars Hintze Andersen, CEO & Partner, dania software a/s

dania software’s template solution dynamictemplate and the complementary solutions, outlooksignature, brandmanagement and accessibilityfixer, can be purchased by Formpipe’s customers today. Upon purchasing dania software’s solutions, Swedish customers can expect professional, customer-centric tools from a trustworthy Danish software company with problem solving as its goal. The solutions have a positive measurable effect on efficiency and productivity of employees by drastically simplifying workflows.

“Correct information in correspondence is the alpha and omega in a digitalised world. Informative correspondence must not only be accurate and in line with branding/design guides – it must also be simple and easy for employees to generate and send. dania software’s solution will unquestionably meet and exceed these requirements. We are certain that this partnership will be beneficial for our customers!”
Mauritz Wahlqvist, VP of BA public sector, Formpipe Software AB

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