dania software enters into distributorship agreement with the Norwegian software company Kommuneforlaget

Oct 12, 2015 | Press releases

The agreement with the Norwegian software company Kommuneforlaget means that as of 1 January 2016, the Norwegian software company will market and sell the template solution dynamictemplate to local authorities and public corporations in Norway. The agreement will contribute to great savings in connection with the document production of the local authorities and public administrations in Norway.

The Norwegian local authorities produce and send out thousands of letters, reports and other documents every year. To manage the production, a local authority uses from hundreds to thousands of different letter templates. Thanks to dynamictemplate, the local authorities may now reduce the number of templates to just 4-8 templates.

In Denmark a majority of the local authorities, regions, departments and other public administrations use dynamictemplate. Apart from Denmark, dania software has delivered solutions to both English and Swedish local authorities – and in Norway, the solution has already been implemented in the local authority of Kragerø.

The agreement also includes sale and marketing of outlooksignature which is a dynamic and maintenance-free signature solution for Microsoft Outlook.

Thor Jørgen Kristiansen who is managing director of Kommuneforlaget says:

“We consider dynamictemplate a very suitable and unique software solution which may give great savings to the Norwegian local authorities. This matches our business idea of being the local authorities’ preferred business partner when it comes to simpler work processes, faster case handling and improved management. We are pleased to have entered this agreement with dania software and are looking forward to cooperating with them”.

Poul Skytte Madsen, Founding Partner & Director in dania software says:

“Many local authorities use more than 1,000 templates and with dynamictemplate you can do with 4-5 templates. We have just delivered the same solution to one of the Danish local authorities and here they reduced the number of templates from 8,000 to 6! dynamictemplate works across the many line of business systems. It rationalises and simplifies the document production procedures. This offers great savings for the local authorities”.

Facts and contact information:
Kommuneforlaget is the leading supplier of digitisation and information products for the public sector and delivers products contributing to better and more efficient work processes for the local authorities of Norway.

Thor Jørgen Kristiansen
Administrerende direktør, Kommuneforlaget
Tlf.: +47 24 13 27 31

Lars Hintze Andersen
CSO, partner, dania software a/s
Tlf.: +45 58 50 30 30

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