dania software wins big tender to Norway’s central government collaboration

Dec 18, 2015 | Press releases

dania software a/s, based in Slagelse, Denmark has won its bid to supply dynamictemplate to the Norwegian central government collaboration. dynamictemplate is a document template solution, that has been successfully deployed in several UK councils, e.g. Newham, Havering and Gravesham, and across Scandinavia.

The Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (“GSSO”) signed a contract in Oslo in September 2016 with dania software’s Norwegian distributor, Kommuneforlaget. GSSO is a central government department that manages the deployment and maintenance of information and communication technology (ICT) for Norway’s central government collaboration. Implementation and commissioning of the solution for GSSO is expected to be carried out during 2016.

“This is a significant international breakthrough for dania software”, enthuses Lars Hintze Andersen, CSO and partner, dania software, “after great success in our Danish home market, we have had our sights set on our international market opportunities in the UK and Scandinavia. To see the Norwegian central government collaboration choose our solution, brings a sense of pride to both our distributor, Kommuneforlaget, and ourselves”.

dynamictemplate is dania software’s flagship product. In addition to huge success that the template management system has already seen in the Danish market, it has also begun to see adoption in the UK market. The significant efficiency gains that have been made in the public sector in Denmark are likely to continue to make waves internationally. With public administrative bodies looking for ways to deliver more with less, and actively searching for best practice in public service delivery, Norway’s high profile vote of confidence is significant.

Find out more on Kommuneforlaget’s website www.kommuneforlaget.no and dania software’s website www.daniasoftware.com.

Lars Hintze Andersen
CSO, partner, dania software a/s
Tel.: +45 58 50 30 30

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