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Create smarter digital work processes in Microsoft Office and Office 365 with DynamicTemplate and DynamicTemplate Cloud. The DynamicTemplate solution’s many integrations ensure flawless content and correct branding in all documents across all systems.

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Smarter digital work processes using DynamicTemplate


Work smarter digitally

Automated document creation with correct layout and content ensures clear language – every time.


Increase efficiency

Simplify maintenance of templates in Microsoft Office and Office 365, and merge data from your business systems.


Create accessible templates

Ensure that all employees create accessible documents with dynamic and automated templates.


Work across all systems

Generate flawless documents anytime, anywhere with the DynamicTemplate Cloud template solution.



The template solution that gives you maximum flexibility

Why use 800 templates if five is all you need? With DynamicTemplate, all your templates are reduced to an absolute minimum. All document content is stored centrally as building blocks, so changes need only be made once, to apply everywhere. 


Regardless of the user’s department or role, the template adapts recipient and sender data, logo, campaign graphics etc. to the proper context. Integrations ensure that data can be merged with all systems. 


Centrally managed content and automated workflows make it easy to satisfy all legislation and brand requirements. The template’s automated flow helps the user complete the task and minimises the risk of error. 


The intuitive and codeless structure ensures that the user can quickly put the time-saving functions to use. The simple user interface in Microsoft Office means that the users themselves can attend to the maintenance of content, without the daily involvement of IT.


Get more options

Rule Engine

Build logical rules that automatically select, calculate and insert content based on predefined conditions – without the use of code.

E-learning courses

Offer your users an effective tool for training, upskilling and onboarding, with intuitive and inspiring e-learning courses. Export the courses in SCORM format and embed them directly in your own LMS.


Insight provides access to expanded statistics with detailed user patterns at departmental and user levels. Ideal for following up organisational implementation and realisation of a business case.


Our integration list is constantly growing

Automatically insert data from all of the organisation’s systems with more than 50 integrations for EDRMS/Line-of business systems, CRM systems, query services and digital mail services. DynamicTemplate gathers all document creation and editing across all systems and simplifies work processes.

With DynamicTemplate Cloud’s API, it is also possible for all other systems to integrate with DynamicTemplate and create advanced documents – without the use of Microsoft Office.

Discover your possibilities with Insight

Insight opens the door to learning more about smarter digital work processes with Microsoft Office and Office 365

Satisfied customers

What our customers say

"We have decided to look at international best practice and here we found the DynamicTemplate solution which has just been implemented in our local authority. It is a win-win solution which both considers the total needs of the staff, citizens and the council and we expect great results."


Nick Brown

Director og Fin. and Env., Gravesham Borough Council

"Now our 1,500 users can easily find the right templates – and we have a consistent graphic design on all our letters."


Morten Alm

IT-manager, Assens Council

"When the Center for Social Service in Egedal Municipality implemented DynamicTemplate and standardised the written decisions, the number of complaints has been reduced by half! In addition, the social workers save a lot of time writing and sending letters as the working procedure is much simpler now."


Jan Falk

Team leader CSS, Egedal Council

"After the implementation of DynamicTemplate, we only use a few Word templates for case management in our entire municipality! Compared to previous years, the necessary maintenance only requires a minimum of resources today."


David Schjelde

Special Consultant, Hørsholm Council

"Since the implementation of DynamicTemplate, we only use 6 Word templates in the entire municipality! The necessary maintenance is now an easy and almost insignificant task!"


Ole Magnus Stensrud

Councillor, Kragerø Council

"DynamicTemplate is a safe and flexible solution when writing digital and physical letters. Furthermore, the Doc2Mail interface makes it easier to support digital post."


Claus Huulgaard Sørensen

IT Consultant, Aarhus Council

Fast implementation

Getting started with DynamicTemplate is this easy



Statement of work

On the basis of your design guide, we help you to determine what templates you need.



We help your superusers get started with a few half-day workshops. End users need no training in DynamicTemplate.



When the solution is operational, we help you follow up on the organisational anchoring, to maximise your benefit and success.


DynamicTemplate locally and in the cloud

Discover your possibilities with Insight

Insight opens the door to learning more about smarter digital work processes with Microsoft Office and Office 365