Esbjerg Kommune increases data security using DynamicTemplate

Feb 24, 2021 | DynamicTemplate, Public Sector

Electronic case administration offers many advantages, but it also means extra care has to be taken when handling sensitive personal data when sending letters and documents.

Danish council Esbjerg Kommune has enjoyed the many synergy benefits that exist between DynamicTemplate and electronic case administration for some time. So when the council’s Social Education Unit stumbled upon a challenge concerning data security in its case administration, they already had the right tool to deal with it.

Manual disorder in national insurance numbers

Interdisciplinary coordinator in the Social Education Unit in Esbjerg Kommune, Kim Christophersen, explains that the unit discovered that citizens were receiving letters that were not meant for them. The letters had been sent by case handlers directly from their line-of-business system and often contained sensitive personal data such as addresses and national insurance numbers.

The discovery brought the need for change in the unit’s work procedures to Kim Christophersen’s attention. He went to work immediately examining what in their current system was causing the problem. He concluded that the problem had arisen in the built-in templates from the unit’s line-of-business systems that the staff used for case administration. The problem arose through manual entry errors in the templates when the letters were sent. On sending the correspondence, national insurance numbers were entered manually in the mailing system, and that resulted in some letters ending up in the wrong mailbox.

Automatic templates eliminate the risk of error

To prevent manual typing errors, the Social Education Unit got to work implementing DynamicTemplate. With DynamicTemplate, the unit was able to automate case administration and prevent breaches of data security, since the whole process from blank paper to delivered letter is automated in a fixed, secure framework.

“We have reported three breaches of data security because of personal data being sent incorrectly. Collecting personal data and sending it has become much more secure with DynamicTemplate.”

Kim Christophersen, Interdisciplinary Coordinator in the Education Unit at Esbjerg Kommune

DynamicTemplate retrieves all information directly from the council’s line-of-business system, thereby circumventing all manual entry of, e.g., national insurance numbers. With a single click, a finished letter is generated, and the case handler can immediately check that the names and addresses are correct. The letter is sent directly from the solution, which means you avoid entirely any risk of entering incorrect information.

Since implementing DynamicTemplate, Esbjerg Kommune has not received any inquiries from citizens who have received the wrong letter, and the case handlers feel much more secure about avoiding future breaches of personal data.

Data security as a priority

For the 80 users in Esbjerg Kommune’s Social Education Unit, DynamicTemplate’s automatic templates remove all nervousness and uncertainty about committing a breach of personal data in their case handling. The solution gives them peace of mind to work fast and confidently with documents, without having to double-check recipient names, addresses and other sensitive personal data.

The case administration can be further optimised using DynamicTemplate Cloud and Connect 365, which allow users to create and edit documents securely in the Cloud. Read more about Connect 365

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