FOA streamlines workflows with DynamicTemplate and Public 360

Sep 28, 2020 | DynamicTemplate, Public Sector

FOA is Denmark’s third largest trade union. With more than 175,000 members and 38 branch offices, needless to say FOA communicates and sends a whole lot of documents every day to their many thousands of members. Like so many other large organisations, FOA found that when you create so many documents, it can quickly become a burden to manage them effectively.

We contacted Kristina Löfs, Implementation Consultant at FOA to learn more about how FOA has tried to optimise communication and document production.

An easier transition

Kristina Löfs was hired as a project consultant when FOA switched to the EDRM-system Public 360. While implementing Public 360, FOA also got a whole new brand and design, which meant that all their hundreds of templates had to be restructured and designed from scrap and moved to the new system.

If they were to manually convert all their old templates to the new design, the transition would quickly become a burden of extraordinary proportions. The new design was the last straw on the figurative camel’s back.

At FOA they were used to templates creating a mess of mixed document layouts, endless maintenance, a big risk of errors in the information, or old templates being used despite having been phased out. There was no doubt, therefore, among the decision-makers that the best option was to implement a new solution that would make templates and their maintenance easy, simple and effective.

From hundreds to five

When Kristina Löfs was introduced to DynamicTemplate by Dania Software, she instantly recognised that it was the solution that would lighten their document load:

”The other solutions we looked at were very complicated. The most important thing for us was for it to be easy to create, edit and maintain template content. DynamicTemplate was the obvious choice, because it was easy to understand and intuitive to use.”

– Kristina Löfs, Implementation Consultant, FOA

Before switching to DynamicTemplate, FOA had far more than 100 different templates. Today, they use just five DynamicTemplate templates for the thousands of documents produced daily in the trade union’s offices. The Standard Content function (replaceable text content) that is implemented in dynamic templates lets you create scores of different documents with just a few templates.

Löfs says the transition to DynamicTemplate and the integration with Public 360 were both easy and intuitive for the organisation’s staff, who quickly became comfortable using the new templates. Two employees from each of the 38 branch offices were designated as Standard Content editors, which means they are responsible for creating and maintaining the Standard Content the branch needs. In addition, FOA also has global Standard Content that is managed centrally and can be used by all the branches. Template maintenance also takes place centrally, so the changes are rolled out automatically in all templates throughout the organisation. This kind of template maintenance was one of the deciding factors for FOA when it chose a template solution in 2016.

”Before switching to DynamicTemplate, we had hundreds of templates, each of which had to be maintained individually. Finding the right template when you needed it was a major task. DynamicTemplate allowed us to build all types of documents based on five dynamic templates. It wouldn’t be possible to achieve the same level of efficiency without DynamicTemplate.”

– Kristina Löfs, Implementation Consultant, FOA

Best tool ever

No matter how many documents an organisation produces, effective work processes always bring greater transparency for employees and management alike. Dynamic and centrally maintained templates free up oceans of time once spent on looking for the right templates and on never-ending individual maintenance of the many templates.

”DynamicTemplate is the best tool FOA has ever implemented. From day one, the experience has been extremely positive, and it has never been easier to create and manage documents”

– Kristina Löfs, Implementation Consultant, FOA

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