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May 28, 2020 | Newsletter

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

On the 21st of May, we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day alongside CDW UK. It was a day full of learning, thinking, and spreading awareness about web accessibility and the importance of digital inclusion in a modern society.

We posted several new articles on our website and social media platforms, hoping that more people will become aware of the struggles some people face when accessing online content or digital documents. If you missed it you can still read our articles on our website

Broaden your horizons with our articles and guides

You can expect more exciting articles and guides in the time to come.

ARTICLE       Just when are you web-accessible enough?
Web accessibility can be easy to grasp and implement. Especially if you know when your organisation actually satisfies the requirements laid out by the European Parliament. Read more→

ARTICLE       Office 365 is everywhere – what do we do with EDRMS?
Cloud has been gaining ground since the turn of the century. After 20 years, most everyone gets the gist of what it is Cloud solutions offer, but how does one solve the persistent trouble with integration, into EDRM-systems. Read more→

ARTICLE       Choosing the right colours and contrasts
Low-contrast text can make reading difficult for everyone, not just people with low- or impaired-vision. For example, if you have ever tried to read a text on your mobile device in sunlight, you have probably felt the need for text with a strong contrast. Read more→

ARTICLE       The importance of Image Descriptions
Writing articles, webpages or documents can often be more enjoyable or informative when you include graphics, such as images or graphs. Image descriptions are meant to explain what the image is, in a way that provides a similar effect to seeing the image. Read more→

Welcome to our newest customers

We are pleased to welcome a wide range of new customers, including:

  • Birmingham City Council who recently decided to invest in Assist.
  • Gravesham Borough Council has in addition to DynamicTemplate chosen to implement Assist.
  • Ishøj Kommune (Danish council) has recently invest in DynamicTemplate with integration to Cura.
  • Nordfyns Kommune (Danish council) has chosen to invest in Assist.
  • Tønder Kommune (Danish council) are adding both OutlookSignature and DynamicTemplate including a number of integrations to their system portfolio.
  • Fiskeridirektoratet (Norwegian government agency) has recently invested in DynamicTemplate.
  • Norec (Norwegian government agency) has also recently invested in DynamicTemplate.

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