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Feb 24, 2021 | Newsletter

E-learning: educate, upskill and onboard

We are now unveiling our most recent initiative for training in our solutions: e-learning.

E-learning is interactive, digital courses that are ideal for onboarding and upskilling of both new and existing users. The courses combine learning via texts and videos and will have built-in user interactions and mini tests to reinforce learning.

The learning material can be exported directly in a SCORM format that is embedded in your LMS – giving you full insight into the learning process. E-learning also serves as a reference work and can be combined with workshops for maximum benefit.

Digital events

Our expertise in Microsoft 365 is in high demand. In 2021 we have already participated in a series of large international events:

We look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge at even more inspiring events in 2021.

New cases on digitalisation in Danish councils

CASE    Frederikssund on its way to full web accessibility
Frederikssund Kommune has reached new heights in web accessibility, and with Assist, they are on their way to realising their goal of 100% web-accessible documents. While there is still a little way to go, they are fast approaching a goal that once seemed highly ambitious.
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CASE    Holstebro Kommune – E-learning produces DynamicTemplate experts
Like 75% of Danish city councils, Holstebro Kommune has chosen the template tool DynamicTemplate to streamline the way its staff creates and writes documents. With the help of effective e-learning, Hostebro’s city council has created a highly qualified body of DynamicTemplate experts.
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Customer news

We are very pleased to welcome a number of new customers, and to see existing customers are choosing to build on their solutions.

  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Aalborg Kommune (Danish council)
  • Region Nordjylland (The North Denmark Region)
  • Vejdirektoratet (The Danish Road Directorate)
  • Mariagerfjord Kommune (Danish council)
  • Randers Kommune (Danish council)
  • Livsmedelsverket (Swedish Food Agency)

We integrate with all systems

In cooperation with the leading system vendors, we have stayed up-to-date with a whole range of integrations with DynamicTemplate over the past decade.

With over 50 integrations with EDRMS/line-of-business systems, CRM systems, search services and digital email services, it is easy to insert data automatically. DynamicTemplate groups document production and editing across all systems and facilitates work processes.

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