Gravesham Borough Council Streamlines its Business Processes

Jun 2, 2015 | Press releases

On Friday May 29, 2015, the management of dania software handed over the dynamictemplate solution to Gravesham Borough Council, being the first local authority in the UK to implement this software.

All over Europe the main focus of public authorities is to increase productivity and solve tasks in a better and more inexpensive way. In Gravesham Borough Council they have taken up the challenge by introducing new technology which both increases the satisfaction of the citizens and reduces costs. By implementing the “dynamictemplate solution”, Gravesham Borough Council takes the position as a pioneer within IT template solutions for local authorities in Great Britain.

Inspiration from Denmark
“We decided to look at international best practice and here we encountered the dynamictemplate solution developed in Denmark. It is a win-win solution which considers the total needs of council staff, citizens as well as the council and we expect great results,” Nick Brown, Director of Financeand Environment, Gravesham Borough Council, says.

dynamictemplate is a time-saving and quality assuring template solution developed by the Danish software company, dania software, which is a leading supplier of template solutions for the public sector in Denmark.

Increased quality with minimum time spent
Each year, Gravesham Borough Council prepares thousands of documents and letters for the citizens. Therefore, savings of a few minutes per letter means big savings in staff efficiency.

With the dynamictemplate solution the number of necessary document templates is reduced drastically, often from several hundreds to 4-8 templates. Concurrently, the solution automatically collects data directly from the central IT systems of the council. Thereby, the staff may easily and quickly choose the right template, finish the letter and process it digitally in the same work process. At the same time, it is ensured that the citizens will get the current updated and correct information from the council databases which increases the customer satisfaction.

As the council moves to increase the number of self service digital channels for local citizens, the additional benefit of dynamictemplate enables a consistent marketing message to be delivered across all forms of communication therefore increasing uptake and driving further efficiencies in other areas of the business. 

Integrations to council EDRMS systems
dynamictemplate integrates to the EDRMS and line of business systems which are already being used in the council, including Idox Uniform and Northgate Information@Work. In the process of adjusting the functionality of dynamictemplate to Gravesham Borough Council’s needs, dania software has worked closely with Northgate to ensure that the maximum benefit of dynamictemplate can be obtained with Information@Work:

“The development of well-functioning integration for public systems always presents challenges which are solved best by working together with the system developers. Here, Northgate has been an essential and committed cooperator the assistance of which has helped ensuring Gravesham Borough Council an optimum solution,” Lars Hintze Andersen, partner and CSO in dania software, says and continues: “The solution for Gravesham Borough Council is a standard solution and will therefore also benefit all joint customers in the future.”

For further information, please contact: Nick Brown, Director of Finance and Environment, Gravesham Borough Council or dania software: Lars Hintze Andersen, Tel. +45 5850 3030, or read more about dynamictemplate here.

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