Graveshams journey to accessibility and an autumn of conferences

Sep 3, 2020 | Newsletter

Gravesham and their accessibility journey – read the success story

With the EU directive on web accessibility entering into effect on 23 September 2020, local councils across Europe are working hard to make their digital channels accessible.

We sat down with the Gravesham Borough Council in England to hear how they tackled the move towards greater accessibility.

Conferences and fairs

This summer Dania Software took part in GovShare MindHive in Scotland where the numerous Scottish councils shared their experiences. The digital conference event offered new insights on the New Normal in a post-pandemic world – both in terms of digital transformation and accessibility.

Dania Software looks forward to participating in a series of inspiring conferences and fairs in the late summer and early autumn, including:

  • The ESDH and ECM conference
  • Digitaliseringstræffet 2020
  • Digitaliseringsmessen 2020

We hope to see you at our booth.

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