Holstebro Kommune – E-learning produces DynamicTemplate experts

Jan 26, 2021 | DynamicTemplate, Public Sector

Like 75% of the other Danish councils, Holstebro Kommune has chosen the template tool DynamicTemplate to streamline the way its staff creates and writes documents. With the help of effective e-learning, Hostebro Kommune has formed a highly qualified body of DynamicTemplate experts. The council uses the template tool DynamicTemplate in combination with their current IT systems (SBSYS, KMD Nexus). DynamicTemplate has made it possible for employees to create complete letters and documents in just a few clicks, and that has helped them ease the document burden and keep it in check in the council’s many departments.

DynamicTemplate offers a wealth of functions and possibilities that streamline and automate work processes. The unique software architecture divides templates into Standard Content (text content) and design. This approach lets employees insert predefined dynamic text directly into their documents. It is up to the Standard Content editors (super-users) to build automated dynamic text for the end-users – but how do you ensure that your body of Standard Content editors fully utilises all the functions in the new tool?

”DynamicTemplate offers a whole range of intuitive functions that streamline document creation. If you take the extra time to thoroughly study the different functions, you can combine them in a new way and reach a very advanced level of automation that greatly benefits end-users and the council’s economy.”

– Jacky Hansen, IT and Digitalisation Consultant, Holstebro Kommune

The training challenge

In-house training in organisations often comes with a whole series of challenges. How to best train staff, how to keep up their skills, and what to do with a single new employee who requires training, when you are used to operating with large on-site courses?

Jacky Hansen, IT and Digitalisation Consultant, Holstebro Kommune, was a part of the team when DynamicTemplate was implemented in the council’s departments in May 2018 and since then has been responsible for training new Standard Content editors.

”The level of your Standard Content editors sets the standard for all letters and documents in the organisation. The higher the level of training that Standard Content editors receive, the better the quality you can expect to see from the other employees.”

– Jacky Hansen, IT and Digitalisation Consultant, Kommune

A new digital reality

But in 2020, offering courses requiring physical presence suddenly became a challenge. Therefore, working with the existing course material put together by Dania Software, Jacky Hansen created the first version of a whole new e-learning course. The e-learning course was divided into individual and in-depth chapters, each containing all the necessary information for the Standard Content editor trainees. As part of the e-learning course, interactive videos were incorporated, simulating the correct ways to use the functions in DynamicTemplate. Combined with mini exams directly in the e-learning software, users are guaranteed to have gone through, understood and tested everything they need to become a Standard Content editor.

”It is essential to train your staff in how the new tool works if you want them to be able to reap its full potential.”

– Jacky Hansen, IT and Digitalisation Consultant, Kommune

E-learning produces experts

The e-learning course is quickly becoming the preferred method of training Standard Content editors at Holstebro Kommune. E-learning makes it possible to streamline in-house training and boost employee qualifications, so they can utilise the full potential of DynamicTemplates’ many functions. Jacky Hansen anticipates that e-learning will soon become the preferred model for training at Holstebro Kommune.

”Effective e-learning leads to higher quality training and saves time for both instructor and trainee alike. The right training enables employees to reap the full potential of DynamicTemplates.”

– Jacky Hansen, IT and Digitalisation Consultant, Holstebro Kommune

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