How did Newham and Havering improve the management of their document templates and content?

Dec 18, 2015 | Press releases

The London boroughs of Newham and Havering have found a solution to effectively manage out of date template documents and content in order to improve efficiency, access and quality. On December 14, 2015 the software dynamictemplate was officially handed over to the councils by dania software.

Newham and Havering Councils deliver hundreds of services to thousands of residents and many businesses. Because of increasing demand for services and a need to make savings in the wake of reduced funding from the Government and other cost pressures, the councils looked for innovative ways to delivery services digitally, reduce waste and inefficiency and improve flexibility, quality and response times during a changing environment. Having pooled existing resources in a shared service, oneSource, the councils discovered it was increasingly challenging to control template documents across the organisations.

Geoff Connell, oneSource director of ICT on behalf of Newham and Havering councils, said: “We found that staff across the councils were using hundreds of individually made document templates without any coordinated control of design or ability to share updated content.”

They found a solution in dania software’s dynamictemplate solution, which has proved simple to implement and use. It also gives the councils full control of Microsoft template documents (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint). Previously, document templates were stored on intranet systems, in Home Drives and Shared Drives, Outlook and in SharePoint. They were difficult to manage and change; of varying quality and sometimes out-of date. Simple changes in a council’s branding meant reviewing and identifying all the templates held on various systems. This was time consuming, a waste of limited resources and inefficient.

Mr Connell added: “By implementing dynamictemplate we have regained control of the branding while driving even more efficiencies into our shared services between Newham and Havering.”

dynamictemplate is a small package with minimal impact on ICT resources and users, easy to implement and has brought with it the convenience of use and control because of its simplicity and power to integrate seamlessly within Microsoft Office. There is only one home for document templates, and it is always only one click away.

dynamictemplate is being used  in a number of back office service functions such as Council Tax and Benefits, Legal Services, Adult Services, Customer Services and more. Plans have been made to integrate dynamictemplate with the line of business systems used by the councils during 2016 to gain even more benefits from the improved workflows and increased quality assurance.

The Danish software company, dania software, developed dynamictemplate, which is a Microsoft Office document template solution used by more than 100 000 public sector employees across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

dynamictemplate offers a new way of thinking about template management as it parts from the old and manual ways of maintaining a large number of document templates. Some of our customers have had several thousands of templates without any consistency or control of the design and content across departments, service functions or even colleagues sitting next to each other,” says Lars Hintze Andersen, CSO, partner in dania software, and adds:

“With our many customers in Denmark and internationally we are confident in our product and ability to disrupt conventional thinking as we can see how dynamictemplate is setting new standards for document production all over.”

Mr Connell added: “It is very important that our residents receive the correct information and that the sender is clearly identified in order to uphold our legitimacy as a council serving our customers. dynamictemplate enables us to deliver consistent branding across all areas of the business and will contribute to increasing awareness and uptake on the digital channels and self-services.”

For further information, please contact: Geoff Connell, Director of ICT, Newham and Havering councils, or dania software: Lars Hintze Andersen, Tel. +45 5850 3030, or visit and read more about dynamictemplate.

Geoff Connell, Director of ICT
oneSource on behalf of
the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering

Lars Hintze Andersen, CSO, partner
dania software a/s

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