Assist, DynamicTemplate 2.7.000 and e-learning

Jun 18, 2021 | Newsletter

Our ambition to stay the leading supplier of tools that ensure web accessibility in digital documents has led us to update AccessibilityFixer’s name. We are proud to unveil the new name of our solution: Assist

Read the entire press release here.

We have also released version 2.7.000 of DynamicTemplate – containing all new functions, improvements, updates and much more. In the new version, you will experience: an all new Standard Content overview, a Template and Standard Content Administration Tool and a range of updates of existing functions.

Our brand new DynamicTemplate e-learning course for Standard Content editors has been very well received. The course is ideal for both onboarding and upskilling of Standard Content editors, and many customers are already online with the tool. Contact Lars Hintze Andersen for a course demonstration, if you have questions or to request a quotation.

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