Seamless case administration in Kalundborg Kommune with DynamicTemplate

May 31, 2021 | DynamicTemplate, Public Sector

Kalundborg Kommune

The Danish council of Kalundborg Kommune encompasses the coastal area of northwestern Zealand and is a busy hinterland and trading centre. With nearly 50,000 residents, the city’s 3,800 employees face many challenges when it comes to achieving effective and uniform case administration.

The challenges

Like so many other cities, Kalundborg Kommune uses a whole series of different line-of-business systems for different work areas.

And each of these systems has its own set of templates. In the past, this made maintenance across systems a sizeable task, since changes had to be made individually in each template. In addition to this enormous maintenance task, city employees found it difficult to maintain a uniform design, since the templates were structured differently in each system.

The solution

To tackle these many challenges, Kalundborg Kommune chose to implement DynamicTemplate. DynamicTemplate is a template solution for Microsoft Office and 365 used by 75% of Danish councils. The template solution serves as a link between all the business systems and automates the way documents are created.

With business system integrations, all information is loaded directly in DynamicTemplate’s advanced templates, and caseworkers are able to insert pre-written blocks of texts from a library. In other words, it takes just a few clicks to go from a blank sheet of paper to a sent letter, while avoiding the errors that can occur through manual entry of, e.g. national insurance numbers, addresses and other personal data.

”DynamicTemplate has made it possible for all departments in Kalundborg Kommune to use the same two templates. This has created a uniform design throughout the council, regardless of business system.”

Jannie Johansen, Financial Consultant, Kalundborg Kommune

With DynamicTemplate, Kalundborg Kommune now uses just two standard templates for case administration across all systems. Maintenance of template design and information is done locally – and is thereby simplified considerably.

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