New Company To Strengthen the Software Development

Jan 27, 2015 | Press releases

New company to strengthen the software development

TDS has established a new company to strengthen the software development. From January 1st 2015, all development activities and development projects were transferred to: dania software A/S.

In addition to the main shareholder, Team Data Solutions A/S, CSO Lars Hintze Andersen and Software Engineer Mikkel Petersen will be partial owners of the new company.

The employees who have, until now, worked as software developers for Team Data Solutions A/S have moved to dania software a/s, and all product rights and obligations related to customers, business associates and business partners have also been taken over by the new company.

As of January 1st 2015, the management team at dania software a/s will consist of Founding Partner & Director Poul Skytte Madsen, CTO, partner Niels B. Johansen and CSO, partner Lars Hintze Andersen.

The transfer of software development to the new subsidiary should be seen as a step towards bolstering the steep increase in sales and export activities that has followed in the wake of the development and launch of several software products including dynamictemplate, which has been successfully sold and implemented in more than half of all Danish municipalities, and will now be marketed in Norway.

The formation of the new company lays the foundation for a more targeted and focused development of sales activities, which will initially concentrate on other Nordic markets and the UK.

All of the usual service functions associated with TDS HelpDesk and TDS VidenDesk at Team Data Solutions A/S will continue unaltered, and the business address for the two companies’ activities will still be Pilegaarden, Strandvejen 111, 4200 Slagelse, Denmark.

However, please note the following telephone numbers and website addresses:

Team Data Solutions A/S
tlf: +45 58 58 07 07

dania software a/s 
tlf: +45 58 50 30 30

For further information, contact Director Poul Skytte Madsen by telephone: +45 58 58 07 07.

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