Apr 15, 2020 | Newsletter

Refreshing new branding – same Dania Software

Dania Software has undergone a refreshing branding process that has given us new colours and shapes. Dania Software has grown and developed over the years, and we thought it was time for a change. After reshaping our logo and deepening the blue colour which, like our solutions, brings order and transparency, Dania Software has become a whole new experience. As part of our updated brand, our solutions now also have entirely new icons and are more uniform in appearance.

Naturally, you can expect the same high quality from our solutions – just in a more dynamic and modern package.  

We have a new website!

In connection with our new branding, we have given our website a whole new design. is an all new, modernised gateway to information about our solutions. We have updated the user experience, giving you more intuitive navigation, easier access to information, and it has never been easier to come in contact with us.    
Our new website gives you new insight into our market-leading solutions and opens up for Insight – free software that helps you gather information on how to work more efficiently in Microsoft Office. 
What’s more, will be the place to go for articles, blogs and more that will give you insight into a world of Office solutions. We look forward to sharing our insight with you.

TDS support changes name to Direct 

Since taking over activities in Team Data Solutions in June 2019, Dania Software has worked to strengthen the coherence between our support solutions and our brand. In connection with our update of the Dania Software brand, we have also decided to rename TDS’ support solutions to Direct.  

This means that what you used to know as TDS HelpDesk and TDS KnowledgeDesk will now be known as Direct, but you can expect the same high service level that you are use to.  

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