Newsletter December 2018

Dec 1, 2018 | Newsletter

New customers

dania software’s solutions continue to make strong inroads in all markets, and now total more than 250,000 licenses across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK. In particular, dynamictemplate is becoming recognised as an industry standard for advanced template management with a host of integrations to document management solutions on the market.

We are pleased to welcome Innlandet High School and Asker Municipality in Norway, Karlskrona Municipality in Sweden, Nukissiorfiit in Greenland, and a long list of Danish customers:

  • Zleep Hotels
  • Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening (Danish Employer’s Association)
  • Vallensbæk Municipality
  • Herning Municipality
  • Brønderslev Municipality
  • Xylem Water Solutions Denmark
accessibilityfixer for Microsoft Word

The EU directive “Accessibility of public websites and mobile applications” came into effect on 23 September 2018 and requires that all documents that are available on public websites must be accessible to people with disabilities.

In public administrations, there are typically many people who can upload documents to the organisation’s website, but unfortunately many of these people are not aware of how to ensure that these documents are accessible.

accessibilityfixer makes it simple and quick for all users to check and improve the accessibility of a Word document – before it is converted to a PDF and uploaded.

accessibilityfixer scans through the document and shows the user where and how accessibility can be improved, and makes it easy to enter alternative and descriptive text etc.

Network for accessibility

dania software was part of the Danish Agency for Digitisation’s kick-off meeting of a network for accessibility of public websites, which took place on 22nd October 2018. Over 100 delegates from across government administration, interest groups and service providers participated, and the debate was strong and constructive.

“The network will contribute to providing us all with a greater understanding of what it means to improve accessibility in accordance with the new law, but also the present reality within our administrative institutions. The latter being particularly important: when law meets practical implementation, this is where we come through for our customers,” says Niels B. Johansen, CTO and partner, dania software when commenting on the meeting.

New in dynamictemplate version 2.4.000

We can finally lift the veil on the latest update to dynamictemplate: version 2.4.000, which is now released and accessible to customers and partners via our website.

Key improvements in this update:

  • Standard Content administrators can now insert standard values into textbox and number fields.
  • It is possible to install a desktop icon, that allows users to access dynamictemplate’s template menu without needing to open an Office program first.

The release notes and roadmap for future updates for dynamictemplate are available on our website, together with the installation files.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

dania software wishes all our customers and partners a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We look forward to an exciting 2019, that promises a new product website, and new functions and possibilities in our software solutions.

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