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May 1, 2019 | Newsletter

dania software attends the “Digitising the Public Sector”-conference in Edinburgh, Scotland

We had the pleasure to be invited to speak at the “Digitising the Public Sector”-conference hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy in collaboration with the Scottish Government and Socitm from the 21st – 22nd of May, 2019.

Our CEO, Lars Hintze Andersen, had the pleasure to share his knowledge about how the public sector can and should embrace digitisation. Additionally Lars shared his perspective on co-creation and how it is a valuable asset in transforming the public sector and how co-creation creates value not only within the organisation but also to the citizens.

We also had the pleasure to attend a plethora of interesting key-notes, hereunder the Scottish Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy: Kate Forbes’ presentation about how the government aims to digitise Scotland, aswell as Nina Husfeldt Clasen from the Danish Agency for Digitisation who shed light on Denmarks journey to become digital.

dania software a/s takes over activities in Team Data Solutions A/S

On 30 June 2019, dania software a/s will take over and carry on all activities in its affiliate company Team Data Solutions A/S.

Since 1998, Team Data Solutions has been a market leader in telephone HelpDesk solutions. The takeover will raise and expand the well-known high level of service.

Lars Hintze Andersen, CEO, partner, dania software a/s states:

“We have been very successful with our growth initiatives, and dania software had become Team Data Solutions’ biggest customer. It was only natural that we take over and carry on our subsidiary’s activities in order to strengthen our collective focus.”

Document accessibility

European authorities are currently in a transitional phase where digitalisation must be worked into the entire process, from document preparation to publication on online platforms. With its Web Accessibility Directive (2016/2102 of 26 October 2016), the EU has put into law that all online materials, including documents and PDFs, must be accessible online to all.

dania software wishes to help all organisations with document accessibility and has therefore developed the add-on accessibilityfixer for Microsoft Office. accessibilityfixer is designed with the user in mind and ensures that documents are quickly and easily made available directly in the document preparation phase. Read more about accessibilityfixer here.

dania software’s family of customers grows

dania software’s family of customers is constantly growing and, with the growing interest in web and document accessibility, so too is the interest in our solutions. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome the following municipalities:

  • Norddjurs Kommune (Danish municipality)
  • Langeland Kommune (Danish municipality)
  • Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune (Danish municipality)
  • Krokoms kommun (Swedish municipality)

All of these municipalities have received an accessibilityfixer solution that ensures that documents are intuitively made accessible before any conversion to PDF. Book a demo of accessibilityfixer here to see whether the solution can benefit your organisation.

We also bid a warm welcome to Morsø Kommune (Danish municipality), which is implementing dynamictemplate.

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