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Nov 1, 2019 | Newsletter

Keen interest in Connect 365

It has been only two months since our new integration platform for system suppliers, Connect 365, saw the light of day, and the solution has experienced substantial activity from the get-go. Numerous partners have shown an interest and some have already begun testing document editing in Office Online in their existing systems.

For instance, EDRMS supplier Formpipe has begun testing Connect 365 in their Acadre solution. They have come so far that visitors to their Impuls 2019 event in early November were able to experience editing directly in Office Online from Acadre.

Contact our Country Manager, Kim Erbo Christensen, on +44 203 630 1566 or at for more information about Connect 365.

accessibilityfixer now includes PowerPoint and Excel

Over the coming years a growing number of public websites will need to become fully accessible in accordance with the EU web accessibility directive, and the topic is gaining increasing attention in the European public sectors.

We have witnessed this in connection with our accessibility tool accessibilityfixer, which we are getting a growing number of queries about from both new and existing customers who wish to create accessible documents and PDFs in Word.

This growing interest means we are now expanding the solution to include PowerPoint and Excel. Marking presentations and spreadsheets and converting them to fully accessible PDFs that are ready for online publication will therefore become easy and secure.

We plan to launch the updated version of accessibilityfixer before the year is out, both as a standalone tool for Office and as part of dynamictemplate. In the meantime, you can hear more about the new improvements from our Country Manager, Kim Erbo Christensen, on +44 203 630 1566 or at

New partnerships strengthen web accessibility in the UK market

At dania software we are working ardently to expand our engagement on the UK market, and therefore we are pleased to announce two new partnerships with Sitemorse and Recite Me, respectively.

Sitemorse is a pioneer in automated quality assurance of web compliance and accessibility, and their impartial “State of the Nation” reports regularly focus on the need for increased web accessibility in the public sector.

With the collaboration agreement, Sitemorse’s clients will experience dania software when using their website, as our accessibilityfixer resolves many of the challenges of document accessibility that Sitemorse’s report typically addresses.

Recite Me develops tools for websites that allow the visitor to adjust and present the content according to their own personal need for accessibility.

Thanks to the new partnership, Recite Me can offer accessibilityfixer as part of their product package. As such, customers can ensure that all online documents are marked so Recite Me’s screen reader can correctly reproduce the content.

We look forward to the cooperation with both partners and to putting web accessibility on the agenda in the public sector.

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