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Sep 1, 2019 | Newsletter

Break free using Office 365 in EDRMS/specialist systems

Office 365 makes employees’ work day easier. Besides its well-known, intuitive interface, the software package also contains tools to make cooperation and information-sharing among colleagues easy and tangible. That is why employees naturally prefer Office 365 over the often limited editing and sharing functionality offered by EDRMS and specialist systems.

As Devoteam’s danish “2019 EDRMS Report” points out, there are known challenges to using Office 365: Many steps are involved in transporting a document to Office Online, and it is difficult to keep track of documents that leave the system.

At dania software, we offer two solutions that tackle these challenges, each in their own way: dynamictemplate Cloud and Connect 365.

dynamictemplate Cloud is a template solution for organisations that builds bridges between the organisations’ EDRMS/specialist systems and Office 365. dynamictemplate Cloud lets you manage the entire process – from the time the record is created and produced from a template, until it is edited in online Office and stored safely back in the system.

Connect 365 resolves the problem in system terms, giving suppliers a platform that allows them to integrate EDRMS/specialist systems with Office 365 – fast and easily. That lets suppliers with limited resources offer end users access to safe online editing in Office.

Read more about both solutions in the news below.

dynamictemplate Cloud – templates in the cloud

In last month’s newsletter, we presented our new cloud-based template solution. This time we will give you deeper insight into how dynamictemplate Cloud generates even greater value for your organisation.

The new dynamictemplate Cloud moves all your templates into the cloud, so users can produce finished documents anytime, anywhere.

dynamictemplate Cloud is entirely platform-independent and requires no permanent work station or locally installed Office software. All you need is a mobile device with Internet access to use our well-known template and standard content tools in the online version of Office.

By implementing dynamictemplate Cloud, your organisation can achieve massive savings on Microsoft Office licenses. As the solution does not rely on a local installation, many users can now manage with the least expensive Office 365 E1 license.

Offer online document editing with Connect 365

Finally we can reveal our new integration platform for system suppliers: Connect 365.

Connect 365 serves as a link connecting EDRMS/specialist systems and the online version of Microsoft Office, and makes it easy for all suppliers to offer document editing in the cloud.

The platform was developed with the protection of data in focus, so documents are not stored in OneDrive or elsewhere in the cloud, but are returned directly to the system.

Read more about Connect 365.

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