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OutlookSignature ensures automatic uniformity in all email signatures in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. The signature is generated dynamically based on the user’s profile and is visible in your email before transmission.

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Signature solution for all platforms


Strengthen your branding in emails

With the signature solution from Dania Software, all users automatically get one or more dynamic signatures.


Minimise maintenance

The signature is set up with dynamic elements such as text, logo and campaign graphics etc., which are filled in automatically based on data from AD and Azure AD.


Get a reliable solution

OutlookSignature is a reliable solution that inserts all signatures in the user’s email for a final check before transmission.


Make it easy for everyone

New employees automatically get their relevant signatures, and when there are updates, these are rolled out automatically.



Flexible and dynamic signature solution for all of Office 365

OutlookSignature uses the user’s information from AD or Azure AD to insert dynamic elements such as department name, contact information, logo, disclaimer and other campaign graphics.

OutlookSignature uses a unique technology to generate dynamic signatures and makes them visible in the users’ emails before transmission. The solution is designed with special focus on Microsoft’s Outlook and functions directly in your environment, without routing of email.


With OutlookSignature, a special in-house signature can be used, where superfluous graphics and text are removed to make in-house correspondence clearer. In addition, OutlookSignature accounts for reply emails, automatically avoiding repetition of unnecessary graphics.

OutlookSignature installs on user systems as an MSI installation package for the Outlook client applications or via the manifest file in your Office 365 Tenant. From there, everything takes place automatically, and IT can focus on other work.


Large and small companies alike use our solutions with great satisfaction

"We have decided to look at international best practice and here we found the DynamicTemplate solution which has just been implemented in our local authority. It is a win-win solution which both considers the total needs of the staff, citizens and the council and we expect great results."


Nick Brown

Director og Fin. and Env., Gravesham Borough Council

"Now our 1,500 users can easily find the right templates – and we have a consistent graphic design on all our letters."


Morten Alm

IT-manager, Assens Council

"When the Center for Social Service in Egedal Municipality implemented DynamicTemplate and standardised the written decisions, the number of complaints has been reduced by half! In addition, the social workers save a lot of time writing and sending letters as the working procedure is much simpler now."


Jan Falk

Team leader CSS, Egedal Council

"After the implementation of DynamicTemplate, we only use a few Word templates for case management in our entire municipality! Compared to previous years, the necessary maintenance only requires a minimum of resources today."


David Schjelde

Special Consultant, Hørsholm Council

"Since the implementation of DynamicTemplate, we only use 6 Word templates in the entire municipality! The necessary maintenance is now an easy and almost insignificant task!"


Ole Magnus Stensrud

Councillor, Kragerø Council

"DynamicTemplate is a safe and flexible solution when writing digital and physical letters. Furthermore, the Doc2Mail interface makes it easier to support digital post."


Claus Huulgaard Sørensen

IT Consultant, Aarhus Council

Get control of your signatures

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