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A company with an international presence in both private and public sector IT. Through their global supply chain, CDW UK provide products and services in the entirety of the United Kingdom. The team at CDW UK possess some of the industry’s highest achievable accreditations and offers a wide range of solutions; data and network management, end user computing, private cloud and infrastructure, information technology security, software development, and network support services.

CDW UK is one of the main suppliers of digital products and services in the United Kingdom for both the public and private sectors.

CDW UK utilises the G-Cloud, which is a framework where supplier cloud-based solutions are made available through a front-end Catalogue called the Digital Marketplace.

CDW has a range of solutions that is unmatched. CDW works with over 800 suppliers and are certified at the highest level with partners including Cisco, HP, Dell, EMC and NetApp. CDW is also a Microsoft LSP.

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Socitm members benefit from being part of a growing community where collaboration is key. They bring people together to share experiences and best practice while learning from each other to the benefit of the public sector as a whole. Established over 30 years ago, they continue to challenge convention, inspire change, and power progress.

Socitm strives to maximise the effective use of technologies and data to public benefit. By assisting members and sharing best practice they aim to empower organisations.

Delivering effective public services, ensuring independency, using knowledge to build value and nurture talent are some of the core principles of Socitm.

Socitm provides all their members with an extensive resource hub. The Resource Hub delivers a wide variety of articles, blogs, guides, webinars and more.

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We are proud to be a member of techUK. techUK champion their members and the technologies they develop to empower the United Kingdom for the future. The focus of techUK lies heavily in the area of people, society, economy, and the planet. Their relationship with government bodies facilitates the right market conditions where technology can flourish.

Developing networks and building valuable relationships through online and physical events is a key part of what techUK does for their members.

Providing expert insights to their members and partners is one of the core beliefs throughout techUK. They offer a wide range of news and views, industry insights, reports, podcasts and more.

Our UK Country Manager, Kim Erbo Christensen, is an integral member of the techUK Accessible Tech Group. Accessible Tech Group is designated to promote, facilitate, and incubate inclusion by design.

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Recite Me

Recite Me is a cloud-based web accessibility solution that helps customers and clients personalise their website exactly the way it works best for them.

About a billion people around the globe are dependent on assisted technology, because they encounter accessibility barriers on websites that are not optimised for digital accessibility. Recite Me lets users take an active role in their lives, without being restricted by technology.

Assistive Toolbar from Recite Me lets the individual user personalise your website content in a way that maximises its accessibility for them.

Assistive Toolbar improves accessibility through a screen reader for people with sight impairments and provides reading tools for people with learning difficulties. Moreover, Assistive Toolbar also offers design tools to help people on the autism spectrum.

Assistive Toolbar is easy to implement, so you avoid complicated setups and save time. Greater web accessibility also translates to a broader customer reach.


With 18 years in the field, Consensis are experts in streamlining document production using template tools and new technology to optimise work processes for both users and organisations. Consensis’ approach to achieving the best solutions combines traditional know-how with new technology. 

Consensis are experts in template systems containing strategies, methods and tools that ensure document uniformity while streamlining document production. Templates lets you easily create attractive documents with the help of Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates.

The commercial partnership between Consensis and Dania Software is specifically a partnership with the Swedish branch. Here, Dania Software’s solutions are implemented to streamline the Swedish public sector.

Their Swedish customers are document-intensive organisations that often have offices which are spread geographically and therefore require effective work methods when it comes to document production.

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With roots going back to the 1990s, the software company Formpipe operates in the public sectors and also has private sector customers around the globe. Formpipe delivers software that offers a complete solution for digital administration. 

Data is an asset that is growing rapidly and which can create fabulous opportunities. However, it can also result in difficult challenges. That is where Formpipe comes in with its digitalisation solutions that help create the best conditions for success. 

At Formpipe, freedom in digital transformation is the be-all and end-all. Formpipe wishes to give both employees and residents the opportunity to explore and apply their abilities without limitations.

The commercial partnership between Formpipe and Dania Software is specifically a partnership with the Swedish branch. There Dania Softwares solutions are implemented to streamline the Swedish public sector. 


The Norwegian software company KF helps Norwegian municipalities innovate their work processes, to provide new, better services to their residents and employees. They also publish relevant professional literature to local government employees and students. All Norwegian municipalities and counties work together with KF.

KF delivers digital tools aimed at helping Norwegian municipalities to innovate, so they can improve services to their employees and to Norwegian residents.

Knowledge, innovation and trust are KF’s core values. For KF, it is about contributing to solid know-how in Norwegian municipalities and renewing the solutions used, so they satisfy the highest standards.

KF’s aim is to facilitate daily life for the residents of Norway and for local government employees. 

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