Västerås City will as the first local authority in Sweden simplify their letter-writing procedure with a Danish IT solution

Nov 25, 2015 | Press releases

The implementation of a new Microsoft Office template solution is to improve the efficiency of the organisation and streamline the visual identity of letters by the local authority.

The productivity needs to be increased and the tasks solved in a better and more inexpensive way. This has been the main focus of the public authorities all over Europe. Västerås City has met the challenge by implementing new technology which increases the efficiency of the administration and the satisfaction of the citizens. By implementing the IT solution “dynamictemplate” the local authority takes the position as pioneer within Microsoft Office template solutions in Sweden.

Increased quality with minimum time spent
“As local authority we constantly need to write to our citizens and local businesses. This places great demands to the management of our many Microsoft Office templates and in this connection we discovered the dynamictemplate solution developed in Denmark. dynamictemplate makes it a lot easier to work with document templates and we expect significant efficiency gains. At the same time, we get a more uniform communication with our citizens and business environment,” Anethe Mannerhagen, Head of Secretariat in Västerås City says.

dynamictemplate is a time-saving and quality assuring template solution developed by the Danish software company, dania software, which is a leading supplier of template solutions for the public sector in Denmark.

International success
dynamictemplate is implemented in a number of local authorities in Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom. Västerås City is, thus, the first Swedish local authority benefiting from the IT solution. The local authorities may typically reduce their number of Microsoft Office templates, going from several hundreds of templates to just 3-5, which simplifies the working procedures of the employees and reduces errors in the documents.

“All over Europe, we notice an increasingly growing focus and pressure on obtaining digitisation gains in the public sector. The local authorities, in particular, use many different IT solutions when handling cases and each system handles the templates in its own individual way. dynamictemplate works across and the integrates with various IT solutions. Thereby, the whole local authority gets a uniform and time-saving handling of templates,” Lars Hintze Andersen, CSO, partner in dania software, explains.

For further information, please contact: Anethe Mannerhagen, Head of Secretariat, Västerås City or dania software: Lars Hintze Andersen, Tel. +45 58503030, contact@daniasoftware.com. Please visit www.daniasoftware.com for further information on dynamictemplate.

Anethe Mannerhagen
Head of Secretariat, Västerås City

Lars Hintze Andersen
CSO, partner, dania software a/s 

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